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Lifestyle changes take time and start with a commitment in your mind.

What does healthy mean to YOU? To me it means being fit inside and out. Its a lifestyle choice to live healthier, longer and live more fully and compassionately. It means a healthy diet, exercise most days of the week, hydration, and good sleep. It’s NOT a number on the scale! Motherhood and staying healthy don’t always go hand in hand- naturally less sleep, you have to be more creative with workouts/timing of them, and easier to make poor food choices. But it is possible to be even more fit than you were pre baby!! I’m constantly looking for new workouts and healthy/tasty recipies. That is why I’m doing the #7dayveggie challenge started by @theveggiemd She’s a Cardiology fellow with evidenced based medicine for plant based diets. A few stats that caught my eye…

Women who consumed soy daily have a 30% lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who avoid soy. #wow
Just one serving of poultry or red meat daily raises the risk of high blood pressure by 22-50% regardless of you body weight, intake of fruits, vegetables & whole grains. #yikes
So while I’m not sure if plant-based is a full lifestyle I can commit to every day all day…yet…I’m taking the leap and trying it out for a week. Lifestyle changes take time and start with a commitment in your mind…who knows, perhaps this the start of something new 🤷🏽‍♀️

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