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Dream big and day-dream every day.

Photo from my last match day ever (and a little pregnant) in 2016 ?? For the first time in my life, I don’t have direction. There isn’t a required “next step”. Since highschool there have been a series of premeditated requirements that I needed to complete to become a doctor. I knew early on in life that is what I wanted to do. 4️⃣ years of college, followed by 4️⃣ years of medical school, followed by 1️⃣ year of internship, 3️⃣ years of Ophthalmology residency, and 1️⃣ year of retina fellowship. While each step was challenging to attain, I knew what I needed to do to get there.

Now I’m a practicing physician- I’m that person I wanted to be since I was 12. So what’s next? @nataliecrawfordmd new podcast hit a cord- I’ve become a doctor but is this where I stop? Nope. My biggest goal since finishing residency was to bring in a new subspecialty (retina) practice to an already established (and amazing) practice. While it’s a work in progress, I’ve learned so much and built a base of wonderful patients and met some inspiring colleagues.

To echo what @nataliecrawfordmd said in her podcast: I challenge you, anyone, anyone in any field (not just medicine and not just moms who work in the traditional sense), at any stage in your training or career to write down your goals. It’s a great exercise. ?Never stop creating goals for yourself. Dream big and day-dream everyday. All things are possible if you believe. When you stop dreaming, you stop believing in yourself. Create space in your life for you. ?

Even as a mom, wife, doctor, wanna to be next food network star ?, I’m always planning and trying to figure out what my next steps are…I just have a little more flexibility and creativity on my side now.

In a little moleskin notebook I started writing down my goals since finishing training. There are projects I have in mind, community service endeavors, and mission trips I want to do. There’s also personal goals like creating a beautiful home for my family, trying out new plant based recipes, and being present for my husband and family. My number one goal these days though is savoring every moment (even the challenging ones) of motherhood ?‍?.

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