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Few myths about cataracts.

What am I up to here??
Performing cataract surgery, the most common surgical procedure performed in the US. Almost 3,000 patients a year undergo cataract surgery. The tool I’m holding in my hand is a mini ultrasound probe. This probe breaks up the cataracts and swoops it out of the eye. Yes, I used the word “swoop”. I tell patients it sounds sort of like an electric tooth brush. I love what I do because cataract surgery has almost instant results, and many times patients see an improvement in their vision on POD#1. 20/happy ??? Sharing a few myths about cataracts:

Myth 1: Cataracts are reversible.
Truth: Nope. With age, everyone develops cloudiness in their lens which leads to a cataract. Progression of cataracts can be slowed down by quitting smoking, eating a nutritious diet, and wearing sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection.

Myth 2: A cataract is dangerous and needs emergent surgery.
Truth: Cataracts grow slowly and are not dangerous in that sense. Typically, we recommend surgery when your vision has dropped significantly and you are symptomatic from the cataract (i.e. difficulty reading with glasses, glare with headlights). AKA its an elective procedure!

Myth 3: Eye drops can dissolve cataracts.
Truth: No. There are no drops or medications that have proven to prevent the progression of cataracts in humans. A few years ago there was a study showcasing a drop that could possibly dissolve cataracts in animal models but this did not hold true for human lenses.

Myth 4: Cataracts can grow back.
Truth: No, but you can get a secondary cataract, which is membrane that can grow behind the lens implanted in place of your natural lens. If this does grow and affect your vision, there is a quick laser procedure which can be done in clinic to clear it up!

Questions about cataracts, eye surgery, eye health let me know ⬇️?

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