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What was your major in college!?

Guess what major I was in college?

ANTHROPOLOGY. No, it did not involve digging up dinosaur bones. And yes, I still got into medical school without a science major.

During my trip to Barcelona a few months ago, I reflected on how much I loved my classes in college- the non science ones. One of my favorites was art history- learning the stories behind pieces of art work helped me appreciate them more and see them through a different point of view. Touring Gaudi’s masterpieces brought back memories.

Advice to those still in school: Take the time to explore your interests in and outside of the classroom. Take classes you’re interested in. The science classes will always be there, and they will follow you through training. But you’ll never have the opportunity to a take class on human sexuality, forensics investigation, Tolstoy…the list goes on and on. Even in Med school- explore every specialty because this is the only chance you’ll have. I regret never seeing a neurosurgery case or an open heart surgery. I shied away from those rotations because they seemed too hardcore.

Curious to hear from you- What was your major in college!?

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