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How to cultivate a commanding presence?

There have been several studies showcasing how folks who are taller tend to be more “successful” and have higher salaries. Being taller has been linked to increased self confidence- perhaps- from our natural instinct to “look up” to taller folks. As a short, petite, Asian female I’ve felt more conscious of my appearance more so this year than any phase of life before. As a surgeon and attending physician ?‍⚕️ patients look up to you, want you to inspire confidence and trust, while your staff needs to see leadership in you. Some thoughts below… I think these apply to almost anyone (tall or short) in any field, not just medicine.

1️⃣ Stand up straight (there are apps like stand up & the perfect posture app to remind you)
2️⃣ Hold back the “Ums” and “Likes”- really bad habit of mine
3️⃣ Make eye contact
4️⃣ Stop apologizing so much!
5️⃣ Be yourself- it sounds cliche- but it’s the truth. Be confident in who you are and what makes you unique. Showcase your beliefs and humor. By being yourself, you win people’s attention and respect.


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