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“Why are you in scwubz mommy?”

Ellie asked me as I kissed her goodnight before rushing out the door during her dinner time. She’s not used to seeing me in scrubs anymore at night since residency ? Tonight I got called in for a ruptured globe aka a severely traumatized and open eye that needs urgent surgical repair.

Some folks have the misconception that the life of an Ophthalmologist is free of emergencies. Fortunately in our field there are only a few…just to name some of the most common reasons we rush to the clinic/hospital after hours ➡️

1️⃣ Ruptured globe- open eye injury due to trauma. This requires repair in the OR as soon as possible. Every case is different depending on the type of trauma. Sometimes the goal is to close the eye and have a discussion soon thereafter regarding removing a patient’s eye as it can put them at risk for future complications.
2️⃣ Acute angle closure glaucoma- high eye pressure usually causing nausea, vomiting, and decreased vision. Treatment usually includes eye drops and oral medications followed by an in-office laser procedure to bring down the eye pressure.
3️⃣ Endophthalmitis- a serious eye infection which typically requires injections of medicine into the eye- if left untreated patients could have permanent vision loss of loss of their eye.
4️⃣ Retrobulbar hemorrhage- bleeding behind the eye that can cause increased eye pressure that is treated with an immediate bedside lid procedure (cantholysis/canthotomy).
So when you see an eye doctor rushing around the hospital (maybe a little lost because we don’t go in too often ?) these may be a few reasons why. What are your most common emergencies? #myspecialtystillrocks

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