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Ophthalmology Oral Boards ?

Literally the bain of my existence this spring. It’s the last of the tests you need to pass in order to get board certified in Ophthalmology. But once you get Board Certified it feels so good ? No more daunting tests looming over your head.

The test:
3 hours〰️6 rooms〰️10 cases in each room (25 mins per room)

My game plan:
• 3 months before hand I organized my study materials and made a schedule. Did I stick to it? Not really but at least I had a framework to go by.
•Read the America Board of Ophthalmology website. It has general info to get you oriented to the test format and also a video simulation. Note: you have to go through your cases faster than the video example or you will run out of time.
•Initially I started going through cases on my own. For each I would describe the image, form a differential, describe what I would look for on my exam, talk about diagnostic testing/workup to rule in/out items on my differential. Finally, I would say what my most likely diagnosis was, my treatment plan (starting with conservative measures), and what I would educate my patient on regarding prognosis/follow up. ➡️The goal is to have a spiel down for the most common cases
•About 2 months before the exam I reviewed cases over FaceTime with my study buddy. About 3 weeks beforehand we started timing each other and pushing ourselves to stay under 2.5-3 mins per case.

Study resources:
•Books with cases-Pemberton (ran through it 2-3 times), Friedman, Luviano
•Wills- ran through it once
•Osler course- helpful to practice running through cases out loud & on the spot

Questions? Comments from other folks we have been through it? ⬇️ tagging other Ophthalmologists!

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