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Happy Women in Medicine Month!

I’ve loved reading all the posts related to #exploringmywhy, a campaign started by @katybpnp. My reason for blogging is exactly what we are celebrating this month- being a female in healthcare. I started being more active on IG in July of last year when I started attendinghood. A few lessons I’d like to share with all women in healthcare- physicians, nurses, PAs, students…everyone!⁣

???? ????: There is no “right” or “single” path to medicine/healthcare. I know many women who have taken time to do other non medical jobs/experiences before entering school. As females, social science has shown, while we strive for perfectionism, we also don’t want to make mistakes. Taking a non-traditional path to your career is never a mistake. It will only make you a better clinician.⁣

????: This will sound cliché but there is no “right” time to have kids. I know women who have had kids before school, during school, during training, and as an attending. I used to ask colleges/acquaintances when they were thinking of having kids. But what I’ve realized over the years it’s no one’s business and I’ve stopped asking (unless you’re my sister @chey_pierce , I can bug you all I want)! As a woman you will be asked- when you are having kids, how many kids, why you haven’t had kids already. ???? ????-????? ?? ??? ??????? ?? ???? ??????? ??????, ????, ?? ?????? ????…??? ??????? ?? ???.⁣

???? ????????? ???? ?? ??????????: I know this because it’s happened to me and never happens to my husband who is also a physician. As a woman, you will be asked if you’re the surgeon/doctor… How many times you’ve done a procedure…the list goes on. Being compassionate and taking your time to see patients- for some may seem like a weakness – and they will voice it. Come up with canned answers to brush off negative comments. Move on, show them your skills, and treat every patient as if they were your family.⁣

Tagging some females physicians that inspire me daily.⁣ What’s doubts did you have before diving into medicine? ⬇️

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