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Back at it.

Last week we were on vacation- anyone else’s vacation weeks crazier than regular weeks? ⁣

We had a blast, but I totally skipped out on my workouts, meal prepping, and my ocd to do lists.⁣

And then…I kept making excuses to myself. ⁣

?I’m too tired.⁣
?I didn’t sleep well.⁣
?I don’t feel 100%⁣
?Tomorrow will be a better day to start again.⁣

Today, I stopped making excuses in my head and got back on my routine. I didn’t have a great night of sleep but that’s to be expected #5monthsold #breastfeeding.⁣

So if I can wake up early, workout, eat healthy-so can you ??⁣

??No excuses.⁣

??Just start⁣

?Happy Monday?⁣

Thank you @shopmedsociety for a T-shirt with the best perfect caption of my life. Also, yes this is unfiltered, no makeup, just me as I am during my power hour ??‍♀️

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