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The start of intern year is around the corner.⁣

I remember being nervous at the start of my intern year 😬⁣

Nervous I would be in a code and not have my ACLS card memorized and push the wrong drugs.⁣

Nervous I would get lost pre-rounding on my patients.⁣

Nervous patients would get mad at me for waking them up to check their heart and lungs- “who is this tiny doctor looking person coming in my room on her own anyway!?” (This was in my head – no one ever said that to me 😂).⁣

Nervous I would make a mistake in ordering medications- even for someone’s bowel movements!⁣

Nervous to call a consult.⁣

Nervous when presenting patients to attendings- would my voice quiver? Would I not be able to answer a question about my patient? ⁣

The list goes on!⁣

So if you are nervous about July 1st, it’s okay, you are most definitely not alone. It gets better with time, and your coresidents and seniors are there for you!⁣

Double tap if you were in the same boat…what was one thing you were nervous about? 👇🏽⁣#ivegotyourbackjuly1st @cookingforboards great campaign!

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