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Remember when you wanted what you presently have.

I think we all can agree none of us predicted what life was going to be like in 2020.⁣

Although COVID may have taken away a lot of what we hold dear, each and everyone of us still has something to be grateful for ❤️ ⁣

As a goal getter I am constantly striving to do better and do more 🙌🏼 While COVID may have put a wrench in some of those goals, I still take time to reflect and appreciate my journey.⁣

2️⃣ years into attendinghood officially and I can’t believe how far our retina service at work has come. I’m our first retina specialist and have a dedicated team working towards improving patient care and eyesight. I’ve been able to keep a part-time schedule and devote time to my home and family.⁣

Each day is different. Some easier and some harder than others. And trust me, there is always room to grow.⁣

Double tap if you can relate!⁣

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