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August is children’s eye health and safety month.

✖️Myth: Blue light from screens is damaging children’s vision⁣

➡️While many children will be returning to school this fall virtually, parents may be concerned that blue light from screens may be damaging their childrens’ vision.⁣

💡 Blue light is emitted by sunlight and other sources including fluorescent lights, LED lights, TVs, and more portable devices like iphone/tablets/computers.⁣

🤓 While nearsightedness (myopia) is becoming more common in children, it is not from blue light. In fact, studies have shown that spending time outside (which exposes kids to blue light from the sun) reduces myopia risk.⁣

💤 Blue light certainly can interfere with our circadian rhythm aka your “internal clock”.⁣

I recommend using a blue light filter to reduce exposure your ipad/phone during evening screen time. I’ve also put one of my toddler’s ipad because her “screen time” is a little later in the day after dinner so we can make it through our witching hour before bedtime.⁣

Anecdotally I think blue light filters also reduce digital eye strain.⁣

Questions about blue light and your vision?👇🏽⁣

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