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Is that a mosquito in my eye? ? ⁣

You are most likely noticing a floater (swipe ➡️ for a visual)

They come in all shapes and sizes. They can look like lines, dots, and cobwebs. They are usually more noticeable on a bright sunny day or against a white background like your computer or under fluorescent lights.⁣

While they are annoying, fortunately they are ??? ??????? to your vision.⁣

Floaters increase with age as they are in the gel aka ???????? which fills the back of your eye. Overtime your gel ages and shrinks and in that process it can cause floaters which casts shadows on to your retina. Floaters are microscopic but to you they seem bigger as they are in your eye.⁣

Younger folks who are nearsighted may experience floaters earlier than average. ??????, ??? ???????, and ???????????? are also inciting factors for increasing floaters.⁣

If you have new or worsening floaters or flashes of light seek your friendly neighborhood ophthalmologist for an eye exam.⁣

Anyone else experience ????????? ??

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