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Exercise and your eye health

The most common disease I see daily is macular degeneration, which is a form of aging in our eye. Unfortunately, this aging occurs in our macula, which is the central part of our retina responsible for perceiving light and colors.⁣

There are several risk factors for macular degeneration, which include:⁣

➡️Female gender⁣
➡️Heart disease, hypertension and obesity.⁣

Are their ways we can prevent or reduce the progression of macular degeneration? Yes!⁣

A recent study (May 2020) showed that ???????? can reduce your risk of macular degeneration. What a win win ??⁣

We know that exercise is important for our cardiovascular health but we also have proof that it can help keep your vision healthy.⁣

Researchers studied two groups of mice:⁣

▶️One group had access to an exercise while while the other group did not.⁣
▶️The mice could voluntarily exercise.⁣
▶️After one month, the researchers treated the mouse eye with lasers to simulate the changes that occur in humans with age-related vision loss. After this treatment, physically active mice had up to 45% less eye damage than nonactive mice.⁣

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