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It’s okay to not “do it all” all your own.⁣

Often times as women, parents, goal getters, we think that to be authentic means to do it all on your own. While I love organization, I can’t do it all on my own.⁣

Outsourcing friends. It doesn’t make you less of a mom, doctor, parent, or business owner. It doesn’t make you less real, authentic, or less of an achiever.⁣

?? ?????????:⁣

❤️Childcare (school and a nanny)⁣

❤️Cooking (my mom helps out for a few meals a week. Also, we love “semi home made” cooking thanks to @traderjoes .)⁣

❤️Cleaning (once a week, it is my favorite day of the week)⁣

❤️Mental Health (exercise apps, counseling, talking with friends/family, headspace)⁣

What’s something you outsource that other’s may not expect???

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