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It’s been one year since the start of the pandemic.

While I can’t believe everything our world has gone through in 2020-2021, there is hope for some normalcy around the corner.⁣

Under Phase 1c of the vaccine rollout, the rest of my “quaranteam” is eligible (My dad and our nanny. My dad got his first dose this weekend!). The weight that our who family has been feeling is easing up- just a little.⁣

While we haven’t ventured out much in the last year, we’ve kept close with our quaran-team: my sister, BIL and my parents. Without them we couldn’t do what we have to do for our family, our patients, and ourselves.⁣

We’ve stayed masked around each other even in close quarters because we feel better about it.⁣

I can’t wait for the day to not worry if we’re going to give my parents a deadly virus, especially because my husband cares for COVID positive patients daily.⁣

Last year, in April, I couldn’t hug my parents for my birthday and saw them over zoom. This year there is hope of a different kind of birthday.⁣

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