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It’s not about perfection.

As women we are socialized into the idea of perfection as a goal. To avoid mistakes, detours, and having do-overs.⁣
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⁣Being a real mother, parent, wife, student…the list goes on.. is better than being perfect.⁣

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My journey in medicine has been less than perfect.⁣

I took the MCATs twice friends and got the same score both times ??‍♀️⁣

I didn’t get into my first choice for medical school (I only had 2 interviews). ⁣

I went into medicine thinking I would be a pediatric endocrinologist (it’s a long story how I changed my mind to Ophthalmology- for another time!).⁣

So here is to a less than perfect aka amazing rest of the week!⁣

Share something real about you ??

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