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Being a mother in medicine is possible

Do you ever pause for a second when someone asks you what your job is? What you do for a living? The obvious answer may be the job you report to ever day. But does that really capture it all. Do you consider being parent a job?

For me, somedays it feels like a job. Other days it’s an escape from adulthood, watching the world through your child’s eyes. Being a mother has been my greatest gift of all time. But that doesn’t mean that each day is a ray of sunshine.

Being a working mother in medicine can sometimes be seen as a liability by some employers, colleagues, co-residents/trainees. Whispers follow after a pregnancy announcement in the medical workplace and the next questions are- “so how long is she going to on maternity leave”, “is she going to actually take 12 weeks “off”, *sigh* “going to have to cover her clinic when her child gets sick” …the list goes on.

Certainly, this is not the case in all institutions, practices, and working environments. But I’ve come across too many similar stories, situations and heard all of these firsthand – either about me or another mother.

So back to the questions- what do you do for a living? My answer: I am a surgeon and a mother of two, as well as a wife. Somedays I spend more time at work, somedays I have to operate in the middle of the night, some days I’m at home playing twister with my toddler or cleaning up artwork gone too “creatively” on our walls.

Being a mother has made me a better surgeon. And being a surgeon makes me a better mother. And let me be clear- this statement is for me and about me. You can change this statement to fit your life as well.

I am passionate about being a mother in medicine. I hope you will join the Modern Mom MD community in supporting and sharing your journey as well. I hope to create a community of women in all facets of medicine at different medicine and motherhood journeys.

Drop a comment about who you are and if any of these experiences resonate with you!

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