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Childhood Memory Journal

Capturing your child’s childhood can be hard…am I right? There are so many times that I missed catching a milestone, a funny phrase, or on my phone or video. Growing up my dad was really good about carrying his camcorder and capturing such candid raw moments of my childhood. The good, the bad, the embarrassing.

While many of us might keep a baby book for our child’s first year, I wanted to figure out a way to capture more than my child’s first year. Her milestones, funny phrases, random quirks. I wanted to capture more than what photos or videos my do.

So, at the end of each month, I sit down and reflect in a journal I keep more both of my kids to read one day. This journal is a simple lined notebook I found on Amazon.

My older toddler’s first page starts, “This journal is a gift to you. A gift of memories. Some of which you might remember. Many you may not, except through pictures. I started this when you were 2 years and 9 months old (aka when your little sister was born). I want you to know how much we love you. And that no matter what- you will always be my little girl. “Love, Mama

Random thoughts I’ve written down:

  1. Her reaction to seeing Elsa at Disney World
  2. The first time she said she wanted to be an “eye doctor”
  3. Her favorite nicknames for her little sister, including “chubby baby” and “cute heart”
  4. Silly quotes. “Mommy if your boobs go away you are going to become a daddy!”
  5. Her reaction to the start of the COVID 19 pandemic

My hope is to read through their journals with them one day. For it to serve as a “souvenir” from their childhood. Curated just for them, but there one and only mama.

Mothers out there- how do you capture your kid’s childhood!? Anyone do mommy diaries too?

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