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Get the inside scoop on what moms in medicine have in their fridge

As a mom in medicine, I find myself curious as to what other busy and active moms like myself have in their fridge.  Are we all health oriented? Do we share similar tastes or are we platonically different? To cease my curiosity and in hopes of answering a few questions even my readers have, I reached out to four incredible mommas in medicine who shared what’s important to them and even gave us an inside look as to what’s in their fridge! From vegetarianism to holistic wellness, learn more about what inspiration moms in medicine take to stock their fridge below.

Dr. Jada

Dr. Jada is an Atlanta based physician and Double Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Medical Bariatric Medicine. She’s also a Certified Professional Life and Success Coach. She is a proud mother to three kids, two who are in college and a 16 year old high schooler. Her kids are big fans of smoothies, so “flash frozen fruit and orange juice” are a must in their fridge “for them to enjoy as a quick and healthy snack”. A staple for Dr. Jada and her husband are fresh seafood, vegetables, salad packs, and air fryer friendly foods that her husband recently fell in love with. “He’s done more cooking in the past year than he has in our entire 25 year marriage,” Dr. Jada comically states. Dr. Jada was kind enough to shoot a little “felfie”, proving her and her family’s love for healthy foods with salad packs along with healthy food options such as organic milk, plain yogurt, and tasty grapes. You can find Dr. Jada on Instagram @Drjadamd.

Rani Banik M.D.

Dr. Rani Banik is an Integrative Neuro Ophthalmologist with her own private practice based in the big apple, New York City! She is a mother to a 13 year old daughter and her family is… vegetarian! As a vegetarian family, Dr. Rani mentions that they are always stocked up “with plant-based items- oat and almond milk, coconut-based yogurt, nut butters, hummus, lots of veggies and fruits of all colors”. She is also environmentally friendly, stating: “We order from Imperfect Foods and Misfits to help reduce food waste by not letting misshapen produce go to waste.” Given that both she and her husband have demanding careers, they often find themselves taking “advantage of the culinary delights of NYC by ordering take-out” such as “Persian, Greek, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and of course, veggie/vegan sushi,” never missing out on leftovers either! Dr. Rani goes all out in sharing her lifestyle and love for wellness by advocating “for an integrative and preventative approach to vision focused on eye-healthy nutrition, lifestyle choices, botanicals, essential oils, and supplements, when appropriate.” She even offers an online course called “”Eat Right For Your Sight…And Beyond” on the prevention of macular degeneration using evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies” that you can find here. Find Dr. Rani Banik on her Instagram socials @dr.ranibanik and @ranibanikmd!

Angie Neison M.D.

Dr. Angie is an expert in the field of family and culinary medicine, making her a total wellness foodie that happens to be located in San Diego, California. She is a mother to two hungry boys ages 4 and 8 who share her “passion for holistic preventative health” in her culinary classes @vebaresourcectr. She is not afraid of flavor and has her fridge STOCKED!

She shares her insights on her fridge must haves from top to bottom, I couldn’t paraphrase her in depth insights with justice! Check out all she had to say: 

“My top shelf items are always small doses of flavors I can add to my plant-forward meals.  Flavorful sauces can make a meal come together in a few minutes pesto, harissa, salsa, and of course all the little sauces you get from the restaurants are small doses of flavors so don’t throw those away! I add them to a bowl of beans, grains and vegetables and it ties together a meal in a simple and easy way.

I have a combination of fermented foods that amplify depth of flavors but also are important for optimal gut health (miso, fermented vegetables/cranberries, plain yogurt, kimchi and kombucha).  

I always have a large batch of prepared beans, grains for the week and some tofu marinating so that a meal can easily come together.  

Eating the rainbow is also important for obtaining phytonutrients and vitamins as well appeal to kids who eat with their eyes first!  I also make sure that there is fruit in the fridge or on the fruit bowl for when they want a snack. 

You’ll always find a variety of greens in my fridge. Usually I have a combination of delicate greens that I use up first such as spinach, romaine, leafy lettuce and then I move onto my hardy greens like kale, brussel sprouts, cabbages.  I love adding bits of cruciferous vegetables to my foods throughout the week in a variety of stir-fry’s, smoothies, soups or salads because the anti-inflammatory properties of these foods really make #foodasmedicine easy.

I recommend always having handy some aromatics to add to dishes (ginger, garlic and onion) are staples in most of my cooking, always stock up on these. 

One of my hacks is to save all the leftovers my kids leave behind such as a half eaten fruit, oatmeal, carrot sticks and throw them in a blender for a smoothie or popsicles. I’m a big advocate for planetary health so repurposing leftovers and minimizing food waste and incorporating plant-based nutrition plays a large role in our family.”

You can find Angie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Flavors4WellnessMD. 

I had so much fun interviewing and getting to know Dr. Jada, Dr. Rani Banik, Dr. Angie, and their fridges! Did you find any similarities in any of these mommas fridges? Hopefully you found some helpful grocery store inspiration on your next food run. Comment below! 

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